Where is Westover Blvd.?

We are located in the heart of northwest Des Moines, on the edge of Urbandale. Easy access from the freeway via 63rd Street, Merle Hay Road, Hickman Road, or Urbandale Avenue. Just north of the Iles Funeral Home.

Can I bring my own pet food/toys/etc.?

At Wil-A-Lo Kennels, each guest is provided all the necessary items to make his or her stay comfortable. This includes spacious accommodations, premium Iams diet, tasty treats, comfy bedding, and soothing background music. However, you are always welcome to bring special diets, treats, toys or other items from home to enhance your pet's stay here.

What about vaccination records?

In accordance with state regulations and for the safety of all our guests, we require proof of vaccinations for all dogs and cats at the time of service. Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies, distemper-parvo, and bordetella (kennel cough). Cats must be vaccinated against rabies and feline distemper virus. You may submit records in-person or by fax 515-278-2336.

Do you offer playtime with other pets?

Play sessions can be arranged with another guest of the same family or simply enjoyed with a human companion. We also can accommodate doggy daycare on weekdays during their stay. A play evaluation will be completed to determine if your dog fits well for daycare. Owners will need to complete and sign enrollment and liability forms. 

How much notice do you need to reserve a kennel?

Most of the time we can accommodate a reservation with just a few days notice. We are very busy during major holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day- and strongly suggest booking a reservation for these times as early as your plans are made.

What about fleas?

We check each and every pet for fleas upon arrival. If we find evidence of fleas during their stay, the pet will be treated (at owner's expense) or refused service. We make every effort to keep fleas and other parasites out of the kennel.

How big are the runs?

We renovated our kennels in March 2014. Now, all our guests enjoy a super spacious 60 square foot indoor/outdoor run. The outside runs are covered concrete runs and are cleaned daily.

How often do the dogs go outside?

Our guests are allowed exercise at least four (4) times per day in individual runs or on leashed walks. Outdoor time varies depending on the ever-changing Iowa weather. When it is nice, our guests can stay outside as long as they wish. If it is too cold or too hot, most pets want to return inside as soon as they have done their business. 

Can you board my hamster?

While we primarily set up for dogs and cats, arrangements can frequently be made to care for other small household pets while you are away. From a hedgehog to a pygmy goat, we can try our best to accommodate for you. Call us for details. 

Are you climate controlled?

Yes, we are heated and air conditioned.

How often do you feed and water?

Fresh water is available at all times. Most guests are fed twice daily, in the morning and at night. However, if your pet has special needs, just let us know and we would be happy to accommodate. 

What if my pet is having eating problems while at your kennel?

This is actually very common as our guests adjust to the first night or two away from home. If a guest refuses to eat at first, this does not typically present a serious problem. We actively monitor every guest's eating habits to ensure proper nutrition and we have canned diets available for our most stubborn guests. Luckily, most pets figure out the routine quickly and eat readily.

Do you offer any extra walks or playtimes?

Yes! We currently offer Nature Walks, Play Sessions, and even Doggy Daycare. See these affordable play options or ask how us how to make your pet's stay more comfortable. 

Does your fee include a bath?

No, but we can arrange to give your dog a bath prior to pick-up at your request. Guests that stay with us for two nights or more can get a bath for only $10. We also offer medicated shampoos, nail trims, ear cleanings, teeth brushing, full grooms, and more. Our rates are affordable. Ask us for a quote.